Connections and Interfaces

General Connections #









Ethernet Vídeo: Communications for XVRE HD video receiver or any local device that needs ethernet.

Aux. Video HD: Power supply and auxiliary communications for HD XLRS video receiver.

Power Switch: ON/OFF switch for SATPRO.

Battery Connector: To connect the SATPRO battery.

Fuse: Value 5A, if the fuse blows due to excessive consumption before replacing it, please consult DMD, because if this happens, there is overconsumption and possibly an electrical fault.

Wifi: Internal or external with SMA-Female.


External Connections #









External Battery: You can connect a higher capacity external battery to power the SATPRO.

The battery voltage can be between 12Vdc to 24Vdc with a minimum of 5Ah. No matter the battery technology.

You can connect the SATPRO battery and the external battery at the same time, but SATPRO will only consume from the battery with the highest voltage.

The connection is protected, if you invert the terminals nothing will happen. You can use the supplied cable.

Ethernet: Communications between HD video and PC or GCSD4V2, GCSD5, etc.

Depending on models also communications with SATPRO and GCS (Available shortly).

RCBUS: Communications between XLRS devices.

You can connect to a XLRS remote controllers or XLRS Ground Controls Stations.