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 ¡ New XVID3 video system, COMING SOON… !  

Available end of January


We advance information about the new analog video system XVID3.

It will be available at the end of January, it can be purchased from the DMD Store or by sending an email to, approximate delivery time from 7-15 days.

The third version of the XVID systems comes with hardware improvements over the previous version XVID2 that is currently obsolete, since the new XVID3 system will replace the XVID2.

The operation is similar to previous versions, only the video modules have been modified and improved:



Video Transmitter improvements (XOSD3W1):

  • More Power TX 2.4Ghz: The new video transmitter has a built-in TX video module of 2.4Ghz 1000mW (+30dBm). The previous XOSD2 only had 500mW (+27dBm).


Video Receiver improvements (RXVID3):

  • More sensitivity and range RX 2.4Ghz: The two receiver modules are more sensitive so the range of the 2.4Ghz video system will increase.
  • More range TX 5.8Ghz: Video Transmitter 5.8Ghz 10mW has a SMA-Female connector, you can add an external antenna to increase the range of 5.8Ghz.
  • More durability (8-10h approx): It incoporate a 3.7V 5000mAh battery by default with respect the previous versions that had  2400mAh(by default) or 4800mAh(Optional).


More infomation soon.


¡New default configurations XLRS systems!



From January 2019, all XLRS systems will be sent pre-configured.

For more information, access the manual of each XLRS system:


¡New Video XLRS, GCSD4, modify joystick Mode2 to Mode1.



In this example, we modified the GCSD4 transmitter joysticks from Mode2 to Mode1.

¡New Video XLRS, Assembly XPAD2V2, XPAD3 transmitter with FJ_XPAD-0001, FJ_XPAD-0002 and video receiver RXVIDXP!



In this example we show the assembly of the XPAD2V2 and XPAD3 transmitters with FJ_XPAD-0001 and FJ_XPAD-0002 (XPAD support for SMP-918-9 antenna and video monitor) and RXVIDXP video receiver.