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¡Stay up to date and get informed! Periodically of the latest XLRS news, their professional systems Radio Control.

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¡New Video GCSD4 Presentation!


GCSD4 Presentation. Ground Control Station D4 for FPV & UAV.


¡New XLRS Partner in Pakistan! 



We welcome to Sysverve as new DMD partner.

Manufacturer of UAV in Pakistan, incorporating XLRS systems into its products.



Khudadad Plaza, Union Council Kalayal

Main Adyala Road Rawalpindi

46000 Pakistan



¡New XLRS Partner XLRS in Italy! 



We welcome to Cardtech SRL as new DMD partner.

Manufacturer of Drones in Italy, incorporating XLRS systems into its products.



Piazzetta Modin 12/2
35129 Padova – Italy



 ¡ DMD Shop!  


  • Video Booster BOOST24G4W: Available in Shop DMD.


¡New Video XLRSD3 + XVID + Pixhawk!


OOPART Flight 13Km



¡New Video XLRSD2 + Pixhawk + Mission Planner!


Read and Write 60 Waypoints



¡New XLRS 2018 Connection diagrams! 


The majority of the connection diagrams of the XLRS systems D1, D2, D3, D4 and XVID have been updated for better understanding and we have also added new diagrams to show more examples.



To see more diagrams click here: Connection diagrams XLRS 2018.


¡New Manual and Datasheet, Vídeo Booster BOOST24G4W!




¡New XLRS Partner in Italy! 


We welcome Pro S3 Unmanned Technologies (Pros3) as new DMD partner.

Manufacturer of Drones in Italy, incorporating XLRS systems into its products.



17, Via Torre Pellice 
10156 Torino – Italy




¡New XLRS Distributor in Myanmar! 


We welcome Communication & Commerce (COM & COM) and Terabit Wave as news DMD distributors.

They offer networking services, infraestructure (O&M) and consultancy in the telecommunications industry in Myanmar, incorporating XLRS systems into their products and services.




COM & COM: No. 6/B, Zay Lane, Awaiyar Street, 15th Quarter, Yankin Township, Yangon, Myanmar.





Terabit Wave: No.41, Nawaday Street, Alpha Hotel, Dagon Tsp., Yangon, Myanmar. 




¡New XLRS Distributor in Turkey! 


We welcome Hobicim as new distributor of XLRS systems.



Alibeyköy Mah. Gaziosmanpasa Cad. 52/5 ISTANBUL Eyüpsultan




¡New Video DMDStudio – XOSD! 


Configuration XOSD objects from DMDStudio



¡New XLRS Partner in Canada! 


We welcome Infinite jib as new DMD Partner.

Manufacturer of Drones in Canadá, incorporating XLRS systems into its products.



Infinite jib

14650  8th Concession,

Shomberg, Ontario

L0G 1T0





¡News Datasheets!


It is added in the XLRS systems manual the RXLRS module with all information and the new datasheet.

The XLRS_D1 systems datasheet has been modified and renewed.


 ¡ DMD Shop!  


  • RXLRS receiver: Available in Shop DMD.


  • XLRS systems with RXLRS: From today all XLRS systems will include the RXLRS receiver. The RMD1, RXD2 and RXD3 receivers have been replaced by RXLRS. RXD3, RXD2 and RMD1 are obsolete, (Obsolete XLRS manuals).


  • XLRS RF modules of 433Mhz: From today in the DMD shop when you select an XLRS system you can choose the frequency band of 866-955Mhz or 433Mhz.

New software update


15 april 2018: 


New update:  


   Use new version of DMD_Studio V:4.10 or higher with the current firmware.




   When used channel 9 and 10 with values <>0, the trims changed their value randomly. Corrected.

 ¡ New RXLRS receiver !  


Introducing the new RXLRS receiver, it replaces the RXD3, RXD2 and RMD1, is more modern and updated. The benefits and range for D1, D2, D3 and D4 system in this receiver are selected through software licenses.

We have recently updated the firmware of all receivers and this version is the same for the new RXLRS receiver. In the future the new receiver will have more functions since it has a processor with double memory.

The RXLRS receiver is 100% compatible in hardware, with the RXD3, RXD2 and RMD1 receivers.

The RXD3, RXD2 and RMD1 receivers are out of production.



  • Microcontroller with double memory FLASH, RAM and Eeprom.
  • Improved PCB, more protection in general.
  • Improved box, more robust, screws on inserts.
  • Internal protection against reverse polarity on + 5V servo connectors.
  • ESD protection  and RF Filters in USB.
  • ESD protection (static) for all pins including servos.
  • Pins servos protection against short circuits and overloads.
  • New Firwmare compatible 15 march 2018.


The current operation it is the same as the other receivers, so the manuals are similar. How the manuals are On-Line they will be progressively updated with the new functions of the RXLRS receiver.

See manual XLRS receivers…

New software update


15 march 2018: 


New update:  

   XOSD, RXD3, RXD2017, RMD1

   Use new version of DMD_Studio V:4.10 or higher with the current firmware.

   Multiple corrections and improvements in XOSD.

   We add the default configuration of pages 1, 2 and 3 of the XOSD.


News Devices:


   Available from 19 March.


 ¡ New XOSD V2 !  



  • Improved PCB, more precision painting pixels.
  • Improved box in general, more robust, screws threaded onto metal.
  • ESD Protection and RF Filters in input cameras.
  • ESD Protection (static) for all pins includins servos.
  • Protection servo pins against short circuits and overloads.
  • New Firmare with corrections and multiple improvements:
    • Motor-Accelerator: Graphic position display and % or Watts.
    • Battery Voltage: Up to 65V. (If hardware device supports).
    • PLANE MODE: Autopilot Mode. Manual, Auto, Stab, etc, 19 configurable modes.
    • Control from XPAD: Integrated system. Select the camera, change the brightness, the OSD page, etc, from the XPAD in flight.
    • Prepared to use two OSDs simultaneously. Control 4 cameras and 2 simultaneous.
    • y much more…


See producto page and general improvements

 ¡ New hardware version video receiver RXVID2 ! 



  • The PCB has been improved in general.
  • Bluetooth hardware upgrade.
  • Buzzer is changed by audio amplifier and speaker.
  • Volume Control: Command AUDIO VOL 4000 (0 to 4000 Max.)
  • Changes to better select the ON/OFF switch.


See product page and general improvements


¡New XLRS Partner in France! 



Welcome SkyDrone Drone Manufacturer. New Partner of XLRS products in France.


52 avenue Pierre Semard
94200 Ivry sur Seine



¡ New Vídeo Booster 2.4Ghz 4W !



¡Increase the range of you XLRS video system with the new video booster 2.4Ghz and 4W!

Now you can match the video range with the radio control XLRS

Ranges of 80 to 100Km with 5dBi antennas on plane and 24dBi o ground.

Improve the power of your XOSD from 0.5W (+27dBm) to 4W (+ 36dBm)

Robust machined aluminum case with fan.

Connections: SMA F

Models with two inputs to connect two XOSD and watch two cameras simultaneously (selecting 4 cameras) with a single output antenna with 2W+2W per channel


In an RF amplifier it is important not to get hot, the Video Booster is specially prepared to work with continuous carrier CW (analog video) with cooling forced by fan.

Power 8 to 24Vcc.

Maximum inut power: 500mW (+27dBm)


Available for sale soon, you can make reservations on shop DMD.

Attention: It doesn’t work for WIFI.

Before using a Video Booster: Consult the regulations of your country.




¡New XLRS Partner in Myanmar! 


Welcome POSH Co, UAV Manufacturer. New Partner of XLRS products in Myanmar.


No, 200/201, Parami Road, South Oakkalapa 95, Township Yangon Myanmar
Phone Number: +9594446464440
Group: UAV Manufacturer





¡New XLRS Partner in UK! 


Welcome VulcanUAV drone Manufacturer. New Partner of XLRS products in UK.


With over 17 years of development experience covering a wide variety of VTOL multi-rotor aircraft, we now offer some of the toughest and most durable industrial UAV solutions in the world. We have a range of ‘off the shelf’ airframes, related products and complete aircraft systems, but most of our work is custom or fully bespoke. Unlike other companies we do not produce fixed products and offer them to market in the hope they are suitable, but instead specify and optimise systems to most suit the specific application and requirements of the customer. With our in house design and manufacturing capability we are uniquely able to offer a full design, prototyping and production service for those with a specific requirement. If you need an ‘outside the box’ solution, we’re the company to talk.




  • +44 (0) 1989 555025
  • Vulcan UAV Ltd, Ground Floor Building 11, Vantage Point Business Village, Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire GL17 0SZ. UK



  System XLRS D4


Ground Control Station D4

25 to 200Km



We present the latest news in Digital Micro Devices, the new XLRS D4 system with the GCSD4(Ground Control Station D4).

D4 is an evolution and improvement of the XLRS D3 systems. It is compatible with all XLRS systems.

Now you can have a complete system in a robust suitcase, compact and easy to transport.
You do not need a laptop anymore.

XLRS D4 is not yet for sale. In a few days you can make reservations in the web store. Customers who make their reservation will have multiple advantages we will inform you as soon as possible.



We have designed a small suitcase (36.5 x 29.4 x 17 centimeters) but robust and powerful in which we have put everything necessary to fly in FPV comfortably at long distance:

  • The most powerful and modern DMD radio control system with Joysticks, buttons, encoders, etc.
  • Several OLED displays to continuously inform the pilot.
  • Mavlink Telemetry or transparent.
  • AES Encryptio.
  • Embedded PC with Windows 10, integrated in the system and with the software already installed and tested. 
  • IPS Touch screen 7″ for PC.
  • Keyboard with mouse.
  • Screen for analog video of long range and high brightness, visible with sunlight.
  • Everything in a suitcase easily transportable and much more…


For the video we have used an XVID system with analog video at 2.4Ghz,
since for a long range it is a good solution. (other frequencies on demand). We are preparing new antennas and amplifiers for those customers who need to reach more.

This system allows the video of the ground station to be independent
since it retransmits the video to 5.8Ghz for the monitor of the suitcase, without cables. > At the same time you can use video glasses with a 5.8Ghz receiver. 


For RC we selected a patch of 6-9dBi that will guarantee us a maximum range of 200km. We are preparing new antennas for 866-915Mhz with 12dBi that will increase the range even more.

The video is delivered with a patch of 17dBi. To reach more optionally you can use a parabolic of 24dBi or more.

More information….  

New software update


17 January 2018: 


New update Receiver RXD3 V:3.34b789.  



Bug in MIX: When using an extended button as GL or HL, if there was any assignment to I1L or I2L it didn’t work or canceled the button assignment. Corrected.


Updated information on button assignment and priorities in the DMDStudio manual.

Now the priorities of the buttons are explained and switches that can be very useful when you want a button or switch to cancel or have priority over other active switches on the same servo or object.