Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 480 × 350 × 350 mm

433Mhz, 866-950Mhz, Main (866-950Mhz) + Secundary (433Mhz)


2.5-3h (LIPO 3S/11.1V/5Ah), 8-10h (LIPO 4S/14.8V/16Ah)

FPV Video System (Optional)

No, XVID3B-1G2. Analog video system long range of 1.2Ghz (25-40Km)., XVID3B-2G4. Analog video system long range of 2.4Ghz (25-40Km).

* The final content of the product will depend on the options selected.

Look at the content in the Data Sheet (Optional) x1 GCSD4RRV2-89 (Page14) or x1 GCSD4RRV2-43 (Page15) or x1 GCSD4RRV2-8943 (Page16).

(Optional) x1 XVID3B-1G2. Analog video system 1.2Ghz or x1 XVID3B-2G4. Analog video system 2.4Ghz or DVL1-5G8. Digital video, 5G 1080p.

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