Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 230 × 220 × 110 mm


RF Power & Sensitivity

15-30Km (500mW(+27dBm) | -110dBm), 100Km (1000mW(+30dBm) | -116dBm)


BQ89 (Biquad antenna 866-920Mhz, 9dBi)


No, TRI270. Tripod for antennas (2.7m, max load: 25kg) + Transport bag.

Urgent Manufacturing

No, Yes

* The final content of the product will depend on the options selected.

x1 TXDL1-89. TXDL1. Professional Transmitter, Transparent Data Link / Mavlink Telemetry.

x1 RXDL1-89. RXDL1. Professional Receiver, Transparent Data Link / Mavlink Telemetry.

x2 ANTGSM900. Omnidirectional antenna 868-928Mhz, 5dBi.

x1 BQ89. (Biquad antenna 866-920Mhz, 9dBi).

(Optional) TRI270. Tripod for antennas + Transport bag.

x2 LAT54_SMAH/SMAM. Cable SMA-Female to SMA-Male, 540mm.

x1 CABLE_SERVO_HH. Cable Servo RC Female to Female.

x1 CABLE_EXT_SERVO_MH. Extensor Cable Servo RC Male to Female.

x1 CABLE_USB/MICROUSB. Cable USB-A Male to Micro USB-B Male, 2m.

x1 CABLE_PX_RX. Adapter cable for pixhawk and RXLRS (Mavlink Telemetry)

KITXLRSDL1V1_BQ-89. Transparen...


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