Scalability and XLRS Licenses

¡¡ Only for devices until the end of 2019 !!

What is scalability?

Scalability allows you to more easily choose the XLRS product that you need, since the physical XLRS device is always the same (For example, an XPAD3 transmitter)

The XLRS products are scalable and have different licenses (software code), you only pay for the XLRS licenses that you choose in this way the price of the XLRS devices is flexible and can be better adapted to your budget at all times.

Scalability greatly simplifies the choice in the purchase as there aren’t product variants and therefore there are fewer doubts of which product to choose.

It also simplifies our warehouses in distribution and so we will have more stock with faster deliveries.

Simplify the firmware and software that is always the same, only the XLRS licenses activated on the device change.

Scalability example

Product Transmitter XPAD3. (Licese XLRS Range).

Scalable from 50Km up to 200Km VLOS, EVLORS:

50Km.    Power: 100mW   | Sensitivity: -108dBm.

100Km.  Power: 500mW   | Sensitivity: -110dBm. 

200Km.  Power: 1000mW | Sensitivity: -116dBm.

As you can see there are 3 licenses available, the first license is by default.

The DMD web shop will facilitate the steps for your best choice.

In case of doubt you can always consult your local distributor or you can also consult to us through Phone, Email or Skype.

What are XLRS Licenses? 

XLRS licenses are extensions that are added to XLRS devices to increase system functionality.

They are activated by a unique code for each XLRS device, once activated is forever (They haven’t expiration date), once the purchase is made through the DMD store or distributor you will receive the code by email.

Later you can expand your XLRS devices by selecting new XLRS licenses so that the system grows with you and according to your needs.

No transports, no delays, no customs, no problems.


Tipe of XLRS licenses? 

Each device has optional licenses that you can select and add, for example:

– Range (25Km, 50Km, 100Km…)

– Transparent Data Link and Mavlink Telemetry.

– AES128 encryption.

– and many more… 


Frequent Questions


Does the license have an expiration date?
No, once activated on the XLRS device is forever.

Can the license be transferred to another device?
No, the license in unique for each XLRS device.

Can the license be activated later?
Yes, you can use the product and if you need you can buy and add more licenses to increase the functionality of your device.

How to activate the license?
The license is activated from Console of DMDStudio software, How to load license in XLRS device? .