Fly beyond ¡Up to 200Km Range!

RADIO CONTROL AND TELEMETRY 433, 868, 902, 915, 950Mhz



To work from

100, 150 or 200Km. More info…

Transparent Data Link, AES encription

Autopilots and Software Mavlink


D4 Transmitter Remote Control Panel


XPAD4V2-CP Professional Remote Control Panel based on the technology of GCSD4V2, Radio Control and Telemetry of Long Range of last generation with more than 200Km, embedded PC and integrated with touch screen with windows 10, long battery life 2.5-3h, ideal for integration in fixed or portable professional base stations mainly for apllications with FPV & UAV Systems.


Total Control: Radio Control, telemetry, instrumental, maps and navigation.

Video: Ready for analog and digital systems.

Control for any type of vehicles: VTOL, VANT, UAV, UUV, UGV, ROV, USV, ASV, DRONES, Multirotors, Aircraft, Helicopters, Car, Boats, Robots, etc.

Radio system:


Partners: You can customize the control panel with your logo, personalized decoration, texts and specific functionalities (Consult).

Easy integration in your Ground Control Station

Designed to be integrated and installed easily and quickly (Plug & Play) in any Ground Control, cabin or desk: Fixed, portable or similar.

Robust aluminum panel 3mm painted in black epoxy on top and bottom with pieces of aluminum and methacrylate.

Durable, hard to scratch, easy to clean and maintain.

Built-in internal battery, possibility of direct connection to your GCS (Optional).


“XPAD4V2-CP is ideal for companies that need to add a complete professional long range radio control and telemetry system in their Ground Control Stations without the need to make or design a complex system using different pieces of RC transmitters, standard telemetry modules…” V.G


Total Control 


Start-up Key.

RC Control independent of the PC.

1 Processors for RC control and 1 processor for each Joysticks.

2 RC joysticks.

2 Micro Joysticks.

2 OLED Screens.

Configurable flight mode (1-4).

14 Configurables buttons.

6 Switches.

2 Analog potentiometers.

3 Encoders with push button.


Safety Switch 


Two switches with red and black protective cover that don’t inadvertently activate or deactivate them and thus be able to use them in some specific safety functions for different applications.

Embedded PC 


Powerful integrated PC with Windows 10, Intel Quad Core 1.8GHz processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB flash, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, Ethernet (optional), Wifi and Bluetooth.

A 7″ IPS screen of high resolution 1024 * 600 and touch with capacitive and multitouch technology that provides a perfect visual and interactive experience, you can also control the maximum and minimum inclination from two buttons of the XPAD4V2-CP.

Mini bluetooth keyboard that is placed behind the screen.


FPV video screen (Optional) 


It includes an excellent screen to see both indoors and outdoors.

IPS LED video screen 10.1″ Full HD 1920 x 1080, high brightness with 600 nits and 1000:1 high contrast with a 16:10 aspect ratio and 160º viewing angle.

It also independently has:

1 Audio/Vídeo Input with Jack.

1 RcBus connector to update and configure the 5.8Ghz video receiver.

1 HDMI input to directly connect a digital video system or PC of XPAD4-CP.

1 independent video receiver of 5.8Ghz.


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Internal Battery


Standard Battery

Lipo: 3S/11.1V/5Ah. 

Duration approx: 2’5-3h.


Optional Battery

Lipo: 4S/14.8V/16-20Ah. 

Duration approx: 8-12h.



Includes a 3A charger with input for 3 or 4 cells.


Connection for Smart Antenas 


The Smart Antennas SMBTS (Smart Base Station) and SMRBTS (Redundant Smart Base Station) are connected with a CAT5E ethernet cable or higher to XPAD4-CP, the cable can measure from 3 to 10m or more allowing a more comfortable installation of the antennas, especially in vehicles or for another type of application that needs to have the antennas away from XPAD4-CP.





DMDStudio is the configuration and utilities software for all XLRS systems in Windows environment.

The same software is used for all XLRS devices. Once you learn how to configure or update a device, you can configure almost all devices, except for the differences of each device.

Update firmware of the device, accesing the BOOT tab (DS/SYS/BOOT).


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Mission Planner


It is a base station for UAVs, Drones, ROVs, etc.

It can be used to configure or control the autopilot, maps and routes with Mavlink protocol.

Free software, installed by default.





RC simulator software integrated in the system and OSD to practice all types of FPV-UAV flights and learn the XLRS systems without risks. 

Connected internally to the Ground Control. Activate software and ready to work.

Demo installed by default.

Complete Software (Optional).


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Radio Control Receiver RXLRS


Long Range professional receiver up to 200Km or more depending on antennas and installtion, with Mavlink Telemetry and transparent radio modem of 38.4kb to 100kb.

Control 16 servos distributed between 8 PPM outputs and 1 SPPM configurable output of 8 to 16 servos.

Redundant: Increase safety and range of work, installing a 2nd receiver. Learn more…

Last technology of radios 5th generation, of long range of DMD, -116dBm of sensitivity and 1000mW of power for telemetry (According to licenses XLRS).

Powerful, it will provide you with EVLOS distant flights with security of a good radio link.

AES Encription in RF.

Compatibility with most XLRS transmitters.


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  Different Options 


Integrated radio with SMA-Female output for coaxial cable antenna 1 to 3m maximum length.

The traditional and the most economical option.


External radio in Smart antenna (SMBTS) with ethernet cable connection from 3 to 10m without RF losses that significantly improves performance and range. Read more…


Redundant external radio in Smart antenna (SMRBTS) with ethernet cable connection from 3 to 10m without RF losses which greatly improves safety, performance and reach. Read more…



FPV Video Screen for XPAD4V2-CP