Is the configuration software and utilities for all DMD products manufactured from 2014, works on Windows 7 or higher.

Free for users with DMD devices. (It is only activated when it recognizes a valid device or product).

With DMDStudio you can configure, test and update all products manufactured by DMD.

– XLRS Radio Control.
– Industrial PLC PLCs (XPLC).
– Radio Modems.
– Smart Antennas or Smart Antennas.
– Radio Beacons.
– RF controls.
– Terminals.

The advantage of using the same software for all devices is that once you learn how to configure or update a device, you know how to configure almost all devices, except for the differences of each device.

Main Features


Auto-adaptable software to each DMD product or device, this means that when you connect a device, the software automatically detects it and activates only the parameters necessary for its configuration.

Based on the DMD Alpha command language, which most DMD devices use, you can use Alpha based scripts, very similar to BASIC syntax.

It has a text console, you can type commands and display responses from the connected device and Alpha system of the DMD Studio.

Device firmware update, entering the Boot tab.

The size of the form is compact on purpose, so that several instances of the DMDStudio fit on the screen.

Connection of several devices at the same time, opening several simultaneous instances of the DMD Studio.

Connection devices in ethernet or internet network (device dependent) for remote control or configuration.


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