Series Comparison


This article features a quick comparison of the D2 and D3 series and helps you choose the best one for your application.

Check out the table below for the comparisons:







Design Minimalist Robust
Range of work (LOS) 15-30Km 25-50Km
Maximum Range (LOS) 100Km 200Km
Radio Control Yes
AES128 Encryption Yes, AES128
Transparent Data Link / Mavlink Telemetry

Yes. XLRS telemetry, Mavlink telemetry and Transparent Data Link.

By USB or Bluetooth port

Bluetooth Yes
RC TX Mode

Modes 1, 2, 3 and 4

Configurable by hardware and software

Programable Buttons & Switches

Total: 16


6 Buttons

2 MicroJoysticks of 4 positions + Enter

2 Encoders with push button

2 Switches of 3 positions

Total: 24


12 Buttons

4 Switches

2 Push buttons

2 MicroJoysticks of 4 positions + Enter

2 Encoders with push button.

2 Side Sliders

Special Functions Buttons

Operating modes


Buttons with interlocking: Activate/deactivate Lights, open/close landing gear, activate/deactivate sensors, activate/deactivate flight mode…


Buttons without interlocking: Take photos…

Hot / Fast Buttons

The XPAD’s transmitters has configured hot / fast buttons that make it easier and faster to activate or deactivate the most common functions.


Radio Control Transmission | Transparent Data Link by USB or Bluetooth | Trims | Dual Rate | TX Mode

Special Functions Encoders

Operating modes


Mode 1: Assign encoder to an RC channel with value +-1000.


Mode 2: Assign encoder to an RC channel with 8 different values for example select up to 8 autopilot flight modes with a single encoder and more functions (Gimbal functions, video transmitter functions…)

SPPM Input or SPPM Output

(PPM Pulses or PWM Serie) 

Configurable from 4 – 16 RC channels

SPPM Input



Head Tracker for video glasses.

SPPM Output



Coach. (trainer). Teacher-student system with XLRS systems.

Co-pilot or observer. Control of video cameras, etc. with a 2nd XPAD.

Output for simulator on PC. For example for Aerosim.

Use XPAD as a standard Joystick on a PC. (For Mission planner, QGround control or similar).

Displays 1 Central blue LCD display

1 Central blue LCD display. 

2  Oled displays

Ready to place 

FPV Monitor, Smart phone or Tablet 

 Yes, you can place an 7″ FPV monitor to visualize the video, Smart Phone or Tablet.

*Monitor not included.

RC Channels 

Receiver RXLRS

16 or more

Battery Life 

6 hours

3.7V 2400mAh

10-13 hours

3.7V 5000mAh

RF Module


5th generation XLRS radio

Frequency 863-950Mhz or 433Mhz
RF Power 500mW (+27dBm) 1000mW (+30dBm)
Sensitivity -110dBm -116dBm
Preconfigured for normative CE (Europe), FCC (America), ETA (India), 433Mhz or Custom.
Compatible with video system to view XLRS data on screen


Analog Video system

The XLRS system can control the functions of the video system at the time, you can assign any button to the functions of the video transmitter, TX video Channel, Select Video Camera, Change Brightness Level.

Transport SuitCase




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