Versatile, low cost and multiple benefits

¡To work 25-50Km!

433, 868, 902, 915, 950Mhz


Price 740€

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Transparent Data Link + Radio Control


Fomed by two modules, BTSD1 transmitter and RXD1 receiver, that can work at same time with Transparent Data Link (For transparent communication or with autopilots with Mavlink protocol: Pixhawk, APM or similar) and Radio Control (Compatible with any standard RC transmitter connected to through the trainer port).

To work (LOS): 25-50Km.

Range Maximum (LOS): 100Km. (optional 200Km)

Frequency: 863-950Mhz or 433Mhz.

Encryption: AES 128.

Preconfigured for normative CE (Europe), FCC (America), ETA (India), 433Mhz or Custom.

Manual XLRSD1 >


To work

25-50Km (LOS)

Transparent Data Link

Autopilots and Software Mavlink


 Transparent Data Link (Radio Modem) 


With Mavlink protocol and transparent protocol.

On the ground BTSD1 Transmitter sends and receives data via USB or TTL serial port.

It is compatible with Mission Planner, QGroundControl, DMD_Studio, Terminal Serial Port, etc.

In the vehicle connect the “MODEM” port (GND,TX,RX) of RXD1 receiver to the “TELEM” port of the autopilot (Pixhawk, APM…) or the data port of another device (UC, Arduino, Raspberry…).

Example wiring diagrams: PC to PC and PC to Uc.

Radio Control 


Connect the trainer port of your standard RC Transmitter (Futaba, Hitec, Speltrum, Sanwa, Tactic…) to the SPPM input of the BTSD1 and will automatically detect the Joysticks and channels of the RC transmitter, then the BTSD1 transmitter sending them to the RXD1 receiver where will be activated the ports of 8 servos of which one of them can be series output of up to 13 SPPM servos to connect with the autopilot or using a channel extender or signal converter module (SBUS-PPM-PWM) to obtain maximum up to 16CH.

The mixes are performed on the standar RC transmitter.

BTSD1 is powered through the USB port at 5V but also if you need it you can use a DC-DC converter and feed through its RC transmitter or using an external battery.

The XLRS_D1 system is compatible with any RC vehicle: UAV, Drone, Car, Boat, Robot, etc… for ground vehicles the distance will change depending on the conditions and antennas.

Example wiring diagram: XLRS_D1 system

Radio Control Receiver RXD1


Radio Control Receiver up to 100Km or more depending on antennas and installtion, with Mavlink Telemetry and transparent radio modem of 38.4kb to 100kb.

Control 16 servos distributed between 8 PPM outputs and 1 SPPM configurable output of 8 to 16 servos.


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