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RADIO  CONTROL AND TELEMETRY 433, 868, 902, 915, 950Mhz


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Radio Control + Transparent Data Link + Search Terminal


Professional system, elegant design with personality and robust prepared to all types of professionals applications FPV & UAV for those who need a strong and safe radio link, maximum range up to 200Km.

With this system you can achieve your goals!


D3 it is formed by two modules:

Ground Module (Transmitter): XPAD3V2.

Air Module (Receiver): RXLRS.


“It is different from any standard RC transmitter, the XPAD3 radio controller has personality is different and attractive, designed for professional applications that need many custom combinations, similar to XPAD2 but with more buttons, switches, lateral encoders and more… Designed and manufactured in Spain by pilots with experience in long range FPV flights.” J.G



Professional Radio Control of Long Range RC and telemetry from 50km to 200Km.

XLRS_D3 it is the evolution of the XLRS_D2 system, XPAD3 controller has more buttons with the possibility of bigger conbinations and with more range.

Prepared to work 365 days / year.

Multi band and uses free ISM bands (Industrial Scientific and Medical) of 433Mhz, 866-868Mhz (Europe), 902-950Mhz (America).

Exclusive design, proffesional appearance, hard, robust, different and with personality. Version 2 now with new aluminum cover .

Scalable in prices, options and XLRS licenses that adapt to your needs and budget.

Connectivity: RC, Telemetry, USB, Bluetooth, Wifi, RCBus, SPPM.

AES 128 Encryption (Optional): for radio data.

Nº Models: Without limit. It don’t need memory for the RC models, the configuration is done in each receiver.


Partners: You can customize the XPAD3V2 Transmitter with your logo, personalized decoration, texts and specific functionalities (Consult).


Manual XLRS D2 >

XPAD3V2 RC and Telemetry Radio Controller 

Three Displays to keep the pilot informed of all details.

1 LCD central screen, backlight high contrast Blue/White.

2 OLED screens 1″ Black/White.

Buttons, Encoders and Micro Joysticks

1 “ON” button.

1 “OFF” button.

14 Buttons.

2 Switches (2 Positions).

2 Switches (3 Positions).

2 Lateral Sliders.

3 Encoders with push button (2 Configurables).

2 Micro Josticks with 4 positions + Enter for activate/deactivate TRIM, DUAL, EXPO and SHIFT mode.

More robust using 3mm aluminum painted epoxi on the top and bottom with aluminum and methacrylate.

Painted epoxi very durable hard to scratch, easy to clean and maintain.

Different. More than 60 unique features make a difference and why XPAD3 is your best choice.

Battery 3.7V 4800mAh, Duration 10 hours approx. (Depending on configuration and use).

XLRS System new concept in the controls, Mixtures and parameters of the RC model in the receiver and not in the Transmitter RC.

Some Special Functions of XLRS systems

Micro Joys SL and SR


This new function allows assigning an RC channel to the 4 position micro joystick “SL” or “SR”, this is equivalent to adding 8 more buttons to the XLRS transmitter without adding more physical buttons.

In the previous XLRS systems the micro joysticks have traditionally been used for the TRIM, DUAL RATE and some more the SHIFT R and L for some quick functions such as activating / deactivating the radio control transmission or activating / deactivating the MAVLINK telemetry via USB or Bluetooth.

In the case of an XPAD2V2 transmitter that has a minimalist design in buttons, it provides an important improvement and usefulness since we have obtained more functionality in the system.

Read more in Use and configuration micro joysticks.

 Encoders VL and VR in mode 1


This function can assign an RC channel and add up to 8 different values to each encoder “VL” or “VR”. 

Examples of configurations with this function:

You can be controlled easily up to 8 autopilot flight modes (RTL, MANUAL, LOITER, STAB…).

You can control almost all the functions of the XOSD (Select OSD pages, TX video channel, CAM1 or CAM2, Increase / Decrease Brightness level…).

Can control the functions of a gimbal, sensors and other components.

With this configuration we can release buttons and switches and mixes.

When the encoders are used in mode 1 the central display of the XLRS transmitter automatically changes and displays the parameters.

This is equivalent to 16 more buttons on the XLRS Transmitter. 

Read more in Use and Configuration encoders.

200Km Range


Extraordinary range of Radio Control professional and telemetry in the free band ISM, up to 200Km maximum for XLRS_D3 systems.


Range License XLRS different options with an escalation of ranges (50km, 100km and 200Km) with prices that adapt to your budget.



Radiomodem (Data Link): with MAVLINK protocols and transparent.


RX Interface: TTL serial port to 38.400b, configurable from 9.600b up to 115.200b.


TX Interface: USB configurable from 9.600b up to 115.200b or Bluetooth 115.200b.


Autopilots: Pixhawk, APM, etc.
Software: Mission Planner, QGroundcontrol, etc.

Location and Search


The XLRS transmitter (Optionally) incorporates a localization system and search of the RC model by radio.


In case of loss, it will help to quickly recover your RC model and avoid economic losses.



FJ_XPAD accessorie, antenna support SMP-918-9 and video monitor FPV standard.

This accessory is mounted on the back of the XPAD transmitter and can be coupled an SMP-918-9 antenna and a video monitor that has diversity receiver in 5.8Ghz so that it can receive the signal from the internal vídeo transmitter of the RXVID.

Radio Control Receiver RXLRS


Long Range professional receiver up to 200Km or more depending on antennas and installtion, with Mavlink Telemetry and transparent radio modem of 38.4kb to 100kb.

Control 16 servos distributed between 8 PPM outputs and 1 SPPM configurable output of 8 to 16 servos.

AES Encryption in RF, (Optional).


Read more…

XLRSD3 Content 


XLRSD3 modules:

1- XPAD3V2, Professional Transmitter RC and Telemetry (866-950Mhz or 433Mhz).

1- RXLRS, Receiver RC and/or Radio Modem(Transparent Data Link) (866-950Mhz or 433Mhz).



2- Omnidirectionals Antennas 5dBi, 866-950Mhz.

1- Directional antenna patch 6-9dBi, 790-960 MHz & 1700-2700 MHz. (Optional).


Licenses XLRS (Optionals):

1- Range: 50Km, 100km or 200Km.

1- Mavlink Telemetry and Transparent Radio Modem(Data Link).

1- AES 128 Encryption.

1- Search Terminal.



1- Cable SMA-Female to SMA-Male, 540mm

1- Cable Servo RC Female to Female. 

1- Extensor Cable Servo RC Male to Female.

1- Charger for XPAD transmitter.

1- Cable USB-A Male to Micro USB-B Male, 2m.

1- Cable Audio Stereo MiniJack 3.5M/M, 1m.

1- Cable adapted for Pixhawk-RX.

1- Neck strap lanyard for XPAD transmitter.

1- Fuse 2A (Spare).

1- Suitcase Key.

* The images shown on this page are only referential and may differ from the final products.

* The content of the product may vary depending on the options and XLRS licenses selected.


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Radio Module XLRS 5th Generation


5th generation XLRS radio of Digital Micro Devices. We are the manufacturer of RF module.

Multi-band ISM: 866Mhz, 868Mhz, 902, 915Mhz, 950Mhz or 433Mhz (optional).

Power: 500 or 1000mW (according XLRS licenses).

Sensitivity: -110 or -116dBm (accoding XLRS licenses).

Modulation: 50 or 100Kb. FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum).

Controlled temperature.


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DMDStudio is the configuration and utilities software for all XLRS systems in Windows environment.

The same software is used for all XLRS devices. Once you learn how to configure or update a device, you can configure almost all devices, except for the differences of each device.


Update firmware of the device, accesing the BOOT tab (DS/SYS/BOOT).


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Video System


Analog Video XVID3:

  • RXVID3, Diversity receiver 2.4Ghz + Transmitter 5.8Ghz 10mW.
  • XOSD3W, Transmitter 2.4Ghz of 1W. 


XVID3 analog video system is compatible with most XLRS systems.

The RXVID3 video receiver and XOSD3 video transmitter they are perfectly integrated into the XLRS devices, delivering information on the OSD of the ground components such as battery and XLRS transmitter data, video channels, brightness, etc.

Control of the video functions from XLRS Transmitter, can read and change parameters of the video in flight:

Camera selection 1 or 2.

Selection OSD page 1, 2 or 3.

Video brightness level.

Pixel level adjustable from black to white.

Internal microphone volume.

And more.

With other systems you would not have the data or the interactivity of the XLRS system.


Digital Video: Standard HD video systems that use HDMI input or Wifi throught PC with Windows, (Consult).


Additional Information

Data Sheet in PDF

Data Sheet in PDF