FPV & UAV      433, 868, 902, 950Mhz


Up to 200Km


Choose the XLRS D2 system that best suits your needs!

Select the desired range and its licenses…






XLRS_D3 is the evolution of the XLRS_D2 systems. More robust and with more range.


Professional Radio Control long range RC and telemetry from 50 to 200Km.


Prepared to work 365 days / year.

Three displays to keep the pilot informed of all the details.

More robust, using 3mm aluminum painted epoxi on the top and bottom with aluminum and methacrylate. 

Painted epoxi very durable, hard to scratch, easy to clean and maintain.

Multi band and uses free ISM bands (Industrial Scientific and Medical) of 433Mhz, 866Mhz, 868Mhz (Europe), 903, 915Mhz (America) and 960Mhz (Japan).


Exclusive design, robust, different and with personality. Hard and professional appearance.

Different. More than 60 unique features make a difference and why XPAD3 is your best choice.

New concept in the controls, Mixtures and parameters of the RC model in the receiver and not in the Transmitter RC.


Scalable, in prices and options that adapt to your needs and budget.

Connectivity: RC, Telemetry, USB, Wifi, Bluetooth, RCBus, SPPM.

AES Encryption for radio data.

Nº Models: Without limit. It don’t need memory for the RC models, the configuration is done in each receiver.

For integrators and manufacturers that need a custom or customized system. (Consult conditions and minimum quantities).





XLRSD3 includes RXLRS , professional receiver long range up to 200Km with Mavlink telemetry  and radio modem up to 100kb of RF.

Control 16 servos with 8 multifunction outputs for servos, SPPM 13 channels, RBcus, modem, Mavlink telemetry, optional AES encryption.

Last technology of radios of 5th generation of long range of DMD, -116dBm of sensitivity and 1000mW of power for telemetry.

The most powerful receiver and of greater range that will provide you with distant EVLOS flights with the security of a good radio link.

The configuration of the mixtures, activation of buttons and assignment of encoders are made in the receiver and not in the RC Transmistters as is usual in RC systemas for amateurs, this translates into immediate improvements and reduction of errors since you don’t need to select the RC model and there isn’t RC models limit by RC transmitter.
You can use several RC Transmitters with several pilots in different locations with safely in a single UAV since the RC Transmitters are neutral and settings and mixes are in the UAV.
3D Model: If you need the 3D model of the RX to be able to use it in your project, send an email to dmd@dmd.es 
*EVLOS: Extended Visual Line Of Sight operations.




FJ_XPAD accessorie, antenna support SMP-918-9 and video monitor FPV standard.

This accessory is mounted on the back of the XPAD and can be coupled an SMP-918-9 antenna and a video monitor that has diversity receiver in 5.8Ghz so that it can receive the signal from the internal vídeo transmitter of the RXVID.



DMDStudio is the configuration and utilities software for XLRS systems in Windows environment.

The advantage of using the same software for all devices is that once you learn how to configure or update a device you know how to configure almost all devices,
except for the own differences of each device.

It is self-adaptable to each product or DMD device, this means that when you connect a device, the software automatically detects it and activates only the parameters necessary for its configuration.

Based on the DMD Alpha command language, which most DMD equipment uses, you can use Alpha-based scripts, very similar to the BASIC syntax.

Text console, can write ACL commands and visualize responses of the connected device and the Alpha system of the DMDStudio.

Update firmware of the devices, pressing the BOOT tab.

Several devices at once, opening several simultaneous instances of the DMDStudio.

Connection devices in ethernet or internet network for control or remote configuration.

200Km Range



Professional Radio Control and telemetry with an extraordinary range in the ISM free band. Up to 200Km maximum for XLRSD3 systems. There are different options of the same system with an escalation of ranges (50, 100 and 200km) with options and prices to fit your budget. Read more



Internal radiomodem with MAVLINK protocol and transparent. Compatible with software: Mission Planner, QGroundcontrol, etc..



It incorporates a location system and search of the RC model by radio. In case of loss will help to quickly recover your RC model and avoid economic losses.



XVID analog video system compatible with XLRS D1D2D3 and D4 systems.

RXVID2 video receiver and XOSDV2 transmitter this modules are perfectly integrated into your XLRS system, delivering information on the OSD of the components on the ground such as battery and XPAD transmitter data, video channels, brightness, etc.

If you connect the jack-jack cable to the RCBUS connector of the XPAD with the RXVID video receiver, the pilot will have the remote control of the video receiver and its data. With other systems you wouldn’t have the data or the interactivity of the XLRS system.

In the UAV or DRON use XOSDV2.



Integration of RXVIDXP video receiver with XPAD to obtain a portable FPV system.

The RXVIDXP module can be connected directly by RCBUS with XPAD, this module is integrated in the back of the XPAD.

From the XPAD menu screen you can have full control of the configuration of the RXVIDXP video receiver.

The RXVIDXP Receiver is compatible with the XLRS D2 and D3 systems. 




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