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¡To work 25-50Km!

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To work

25-50Km (LOS)

Transparent Data Link

Autopilots and Software Mavlink

Special Functions

Transmitters XLRS

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Analog or Digital video

XLRSD3 V2 2020

Professional Radio Control + Transparent Data Link. 25-50Km


Formed by two modules, Remote Controller XPAD3V2 and Receiver RXLRS.

XLRSD3 is a professional system, elegant design with personality and robust prepared to all types of UAV-FPV applications with 1000mW RF max. Power and -116dBm of sensitivity to work between 25-50Km (LOS) and with a maximum range of 200km. For those who need a strong and safe radio link. 

Two options available for free ISM band 863-950Mhz or 433Mhz

Internal battery with duration of approximately 10-13 hours.

RC and Data Link data are secure with FHSS and the AES128 encryption algorithm.

Version of 2020: we have improved the structure of the XPAD3V2 remote controller box, now it has integrated an accessory to place a 7 ”FPV monitor or a smartphone to visualize the video of the vehicle and a new suitcase to transport the entire system of Safe way and ready to get up and running quickly.

Preconfigured for normative CE (Europe), FCC (America), ETA (India), 433Mhz or Custom.


The new version for 2020 is better, more useful and safe to transport … and after all this we have also significantly improved the price of the product!

We have updated the product orientation. before the XPAD3 had many variants and one of the main objectives was the long range of the radio system with configurations to reach up to 200km.
Multiple variants in the configuration of the purchase made it difficult to choose the most suitable product.
Two years ago this made sense, now with products such as the ground control station D4 with ranges of 200km or more, the XPAD3 although it has the same radio and power system that the previous version does not need to achieve so much, we believe there are other priorities since Most jobs do not need as much range and this makes us more competitive in the price of the product, adapting it better to your need.
Now the XPAD3 is oriented to professional work with ranges of between 25 and 50Km with the integrated antennas, where range, portability, rapid assembly of the equipment and have the transmitter integrated with the video monitor in an environment where the pilot must move constantly, it’s the most important factor.
Of course if you change the antennas you can reach up to 200km but it will be much better and easier to choose any other product that is more prepared for larger jobs, after all it is a portable remote controller with a good range.

We have improved the box structure of the XPAD3 Remote Controller, simplifying it, removing the screws from the bottom, improving the weight. New version firmware with more posibilities an much more…



Two oled displays with information of Joysticks and subsystems, analog and digital

From the central blue LCD display you will see all the data of the system in real time.

It has several pre-configured screens that you can quickly change from the central encoder.

Depending on the selected screen you can view different information of the system as the current status of the RSSI radio “RF Coverage” in time real in dBm with which you have information of the current range of the XLRS system at all times.

You can see the buttons, switches, joysticks, battery level, frequency, RF channel, FHSS mode, Mode TX and much more information.




Now you can place an 7″ FPV monitor to visualize the video, smart phone or tablet for Mission Planner software.

Is very easy to assemble and disassemble since it has two screws and it can be removed quickly with your fingers without tools. You can store the monitor in the transport suitcase.

* Monitor is purchased separately (Optional).



You can make various configurations to your liking.

Customize: 12 Buttons, 4 Switches, 2 Push buttons, 2 MicroJoysticks of 4 positions + Enter, 2 Encoders with push button and 2 Sliders.

Each object (Button, microjoystick, encoder) can be assigned to one or more RC channels of RXLRS receiver with different values.

You can assign several buttons to a RC channel and add different values, you can also have interlocked buttons to activate or deactivate any function (Lights, open landing gear…) or without interlocking (Take photos…).

The encoders have two operating modes:

Mode1: Assign encoder to an RC channel with value +-1000.

Mode 2: Assign encoder to an RC channel with 8 different values for example select up to 8 autopilot flight modes with a single encoder and more functions (Gimbal functions, video transmitter functions…): Special functions XLRS transmitters.

* All the configurations are made in the receiver from the PC using the DMDStudio software, so the configuration of the assignments, mixtures, etc, are in each receiver (Vehicle), you can have several vehicles with different functions and use the same XPAD3 remote controller.



In addition to the configurable buttons, the XPAD3 remote controller has configured hot / fast buttons that make it easier and faster to activate or deactivate the most common functions.

You do not need to configure additional buttons or new mixes for these functions.

For example:

– Activate / Deactivate Radio Control transmission. For use multiples transmitters.

– Activate / Deactivate Transparent Mavlink / Data Link sending from USB or Bluetooth.

– Trims.

– Dual Rate.

– TX mode settings (Mode1, Mode2, Mode3 or Mode4). For left-handed pilots. Quick mode change at start-up to change pilots.



The XLRS system is compatible with any autopilot that works with the Mavlink protocol: Pixhawk, Pixhawk Cube, APM, Mini Pix, etc.

It is also compatible with any route software with mavlink protocol such as: Mission Planner, QGround Control, etc.

The XPAD3V3 remote controller can be connected directly to the PC via USB or via Bluetooth, from the bluetooth you can connect to any android device and control the mission from a mobile, tablet…

The RXLRS receiver connects directly to the autopilot through the MODEM port and can also connect the SPPM (Serial PPM) output to send up to 16 servos to control them from the autopilot.

Advanced users: Since the XLRS system has a transparent data link, you can send and receive any data from PC to PC or from PC to (Uc, Arduino, Raspberrypi…) to obtain information about special sensors from your vehicle to the PC.



The XPAD3 has a robust and professional design, with a variety of buttons and controls to implement all the necessary functions. Thought to work every day of the year.
In case of bumps, breaks or breakdowns it is easy to replace the parts.

The D3 system has a strong personality, the box has an ergonomic design that adapts correctly to the hands and has a robust 3 mm aluminum cover painted with black epoxy.

A new quick mount accessory allows the use of an FPV monitor with folding visor, smart phone or tablets.

The accessory is independent of the Xpad case. It is fixed to the box with only two screws. It is easily interchangeable with other future accessories.

It also has a 3.7V 5000mAh battery which offers a duration of approximately 10 to 13 hours, it can be charged by USB using a PC or 1A standard mobile charger. With short circuit, overload and overload protection.




The system uses AES 128 encrytion, if encryption is enabled the radio system uses it in all data packets regardless of type.

The Radio Control information and the data of the radiomodem (Data Link Transparent) or Mavlink Telemetry are encrypted using this algorithm.



Unlike other RC transmitters, the XLRS system can control the functions of the video system (XVID3) at the time, you can assign any button to the functions of the video transmitter.

For example, you can change: 

– TX video channel.

– Select video camera.

– Change brightness level.

– Change volume level.

– Change OSD page.

– And other functions…

Radio Control Receiver RXLRS


Professional Receiver with maximum range of 200Km or more depending on XLRS system, antennas and installation.

RC Channels, you can control up to 16 servos distributed between 8 physical PPM outputs and 1 SPPM(Serial PPM) output configurable of 8 to 16 servos to connect to a autopilot or a channel expander, you can get more RC channels by adding more RXLRS receivers or channel extender in parallel.

Redundant receiver, if you using a second RXLRS receiver, will serve to increase the safety, quality and effective reach of the radio system. It will also expand the MIXer as it has independent mixes and control of 16 additional servos adding 32 servos in total. Remember that XLRS isn’t limited to traditional RC channels, the number of servos in the system isn’t limited, you can use 32, 64 or more servos if you need it.

MODEM port to send and receive transparent Data Link or Mavlink telemetry, configurable of 38.4kb to 100kb.

SBUS connection, connects to the SPPM output (can be in parallel with the SPPM input of the autopilot) to an standar module SBUS-PPM-PWM converter. 


Read more…



New suitcase with IP67 certificate, waterproof and strong made of ABS, it offers high resistance and durability against shocks and impacts to transported devices.

Thanks to the adaptable foam of EPP, that is a high resilience material that helps absorb pressure and vibrations, the products is fully protected and motionless.

It has an extendable handle for facilitate transport.

The inside of the suitcase is carefully designed for your XLRS, with foam fillings with which your system will fit perfectly and be protected from impacts. Its large capacity can store the XPAD3 remote controller, RXLRS receiver, FPV 7″ monitor, antennas, charger, lanyard and other small components.

The system is designed in case you want to use the transmitter and the monitor mounted in the suitcase.

Dimensions: 339 x 152 x 295mm   |   Weight: 3Kg   |   Protection degree: IP67

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