LRS and XLRS systems history:



DMD started the manufacture and commercialization of products for radio Control and FPV in 2007, being pioneers with LRS (Long Range System) with real ranges of more than 50Km that nobody had at that time. 

Packov, Tron and Juan Carlos in the flight field at the beginning of the FPV with the LRS system.

We were very successful and LRS kits were sold everywhere. The LRS acronyms became popular all over the world.

After several years improving versions of the LRS system, we had 150Km reaches.

The LRS system it was a range extension system that needed a standard TX Radio Control.

First OSD design: OSD168.


We are known in the forums AeromodelismoVirtual_LRS and RCGroups.

Design and commercialization OSD644.


On this date the systems are directed to the new amateurs of FPV.


New world amateur record with LRS system.

Improvement and redesign of the LRS product in general.



In 2010 we started the design of XLRS_D2 with a new different TX, thought for UAV and FPV professional, The XPAD2 with range up to 180Km in three versions: With Joysticks (XPAD2-RCJOY), Without Joysticks (XPAD2) and with Minijoysticks type GamePad (XPAD2-MINIJOY).

The technology was updated with a new series of microcontrollers, we created the Alpha operating system and the ACL command language, making all DMD products compatible with the new technology.

It was a tremendous effort that we are proud of.


First XPAD D2 sketches.














XVOSD2 and D2 Receivers




The LRS systems were upgraded to Version Two, changing the design.

We start to manufacture and commercialize the first XLRS_D2 systems (eXtended Long Range System D2) for professional use, integrating Radio Control and video into a single module. Range of Radio Control and Telemetry up to 180Km maximum.


New target market: Professionals and manufacturers.


In mid-2016 we started the design of the new XLRSD3, the video system XVID, Mavlink radio modem and the improvements and update of the XLRS_D2 2017.



It has been improved to range up to 200Km and the robustness of the XLRS systems.


In production XLRS D2 and XLRS D3 systems. New update soft and firmware available!!!

XVID video systems already in production.


In new design and competitive XLRS_D1 radio modems for the drone or airplane (transparent protocol and Mavlink), convertible into a receiver by only acquiring the license compatible with XLRS systems.

Design of new XLRS_D1 USB radio modem for PC with scalable ranges and convertible in base station (BTSD1) with only acquire the license. Scalable ranges up to 200Km.


We are currently expanding our network of distributors around the world.

2018 :

Improvement and evolution of the DMDStudio,software for control and configuration of XLRS systems.


Multiple hardware improvements now more robust internally and externally and firmware evolution with bluetooth activation in XLRSD2 and D3 systems.


Design and production of the new Video Booster from 4W to 2.4Ghz, now you can have a good video range.


New and more robust RXLRS Receiver and replaces all previous receivers (RMD1, RXD2, RXD3).


New Hardware XOSDV2 and hardware upgrade RXVID2 Video receiver.


GCSD4, New Ground Control Station D4, the new jewel in the crown…



New version of XVID video system (XVID3), new analog video receiver more sensitive 10dBm than previous versions RXVID, RXVID2 and new 2.4Ghz video transmiter XOSD3W1 with 1W or 2W of power (can reach twice the distance).

XPAD4-CP, New Professional Remote Control Panel RC, ideal for integration in fixed or portable professional base stations.


GCSD4V2, New Version V2 of Ground Control Station D4.


MX433, Moxon Rectangle Antenna 400-480Mhz, 5.5dBi.


GCSD4SV2 + SMBTS, New Version V2 of Ground Control Station D4 with external radio in new Smart Antenna (SMBTS) with ethernet cable connection.


GCSD4SRV2 + SMRBTS, New Version V2 of Ground Control Station D4 with redundant external radio in new Redundant Smart Antenna (SMRBTS) with ethernet cable connection.


BQ89. New Biquad Antenna 866-920Mhz, 9-10dBi.




3rd generation

Professional Radio Control and Telemetry system with minimalist design prepared for all types of applications FPV with 500mW RF Power and -110dBm of sensitivity to work between 15-30Km (LOS) and with a maximum range of 100km.

We have updated the product orientation, before the XPAD2 had many variants and one of the main objectives was the long range of the radio system with configurations to reach up to 100km. Read more…






New version 

Professional analog video system prepared for all types of applications FPV to work between 25-40Km (LOS) with antennas included on each video system, or 100km with high gain parabolic antennas.

Three new analog video systems of the “XVID3B” series with frequencies to choose: 1.2Ghz, 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz, with 1W of power RF. Read more…









New tripod with T-Bar which is specifically adapted to place several types of RC and Video antennas quickly, ready to install (Plug & Play). DMD Store…





2rd generation. New version 2020


Professional Radio Control and Telemetry system with personality and robust design prepared for all types of applications UAV-FPV to work between 25-50Km (LOS) and with a maximum range of 200km.

We have updated the product orientation to portable use, we have improved the structure of the XPAD3V2 remote controller box, now it has integrated an accessory to place a 7” FPV monitor or a smartphone to visualize the video of the vehicle and a new suitcase to transport the entire system of Safe way and ready to get up and running quickly.. Read more…