AES128 encryption in XLRS systems


Advanced Encrytion Standard (AES), is a standard commonly used for cryptography.

If AES 128 encryption is enabled, the radio system uses it in all data packets regardless of type.

The Radio Control information and the data of the radiomodem (Data Link Transparent) or Mavlink Telemetry are encrypted using this algorithm.

The AES128 license is an option and can be activated on all XLRS devices, they support 16-bit or 128-bit keys.

Operation and Activation


For encryption to work at least it must have 2 XLRS devices TX and RX with the AES128 license activated.

Most XLRS products that use the XLRS radio
you can activate the AES128 encryption. (Analogue video systems can’t have encryption).

If you have an XLRS device and want to activate AES128 encryption, you should only buy the AES128 license, activate it on your device and add the AES key.

If encryption is used in the radio network system, all XLRS devices that intervene in the network must have the same key and must have the license activated.

The key is entered by the operator and only the operator has access to the keys. The pilot does not have access to the encryption keys, only to his user password if previously the operator has activated the password on the XLRS device. If the device does not have the pasword activated, anyone will have access to the configuration of the device and can see the key.

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