Special Functions XLRS Transmitters

Micro Joys SL and SR


This new function allows assigning an RC channel to the 4 position micro joystick “SL” or “SR”, this is equivalent to adding 8 more buttons to the XLRS transmitter without adding more physical buttons.

In the previous XLRS systems the micro joysticks have traditionally been used for the TRIM, DUAL RATE and some more the SHIFT R and L for some quick functions such as activating / deactivating the radio control transmission or activating / deactivating the MAVLINK telemetry via USB or Bluetooth.

In the case of an XPAD2V2 transmitter that has a minimalist design in buttons, it provides an important improvement and usefulness since we have obtained more functionality in the system.

Read more in Use and configuration micro joysticks.

 Encoders VL and VR in mode 1


This function can assign an RC channel and add up to 8 different values to each encoder “VL” or “VR”. 

Examples of configurations with this function:

You can be controlled easily up to 8 autopilot flight modes (RTL, MANUAL, LOITER, STAB…).

You can control almost all the functions of the XOSD (Select OSD pages, TX video channel, CAM1 or CAM2, Increase / Decrease Brightness level…).

Can control the functions of a gimbal, sensors and other components.

With this configuration we can release buttons and switches and mixes.

When the encoders are used in mode 1 the central display of the XLRS transmitter automatically changes and displays the parameters.

This is equivalent to 16 more buttons on the XLRS Transmitter. 

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