Extraordinary Range in RF

Professional radio control and telemetry with an extraordinary range in the radio system in the free ISM band. FHSS configurable frequency hopping with excellent synchronization and fast recovery.

Up to 200Km maximum without repeaters for XLRS D4 systems, which covers almost any need.

To increase more the range or ensure better coverage in different conditions you can use direcctional antennas with more gain or SMBTS (Smart Base Station) or new SMRBTS (Redundant Smart Base Station).

You can also link several transmitters D1, D2 or D3 that are in different places to a single drone or UAV to get more range and RF coverage.

You may not need much work range, but if you want a lot of security on the radio link. This is given by the range, quality and specialization of the system. There are different specialized systems for each job that fit your budget.

Simple calculation of the effective RF link: Resulting link + Antenna gain TX + RX antenna gain. (The attenuation of rain, clouds, etc. is not calculated). If you use extender cables for RF you must subtract the losses in dBm of extensors.

Example for 50Km: Link 128dBm + Patch antenna TX 9 + Omni antenna RX 5 = 128 + 9 + 5 = 142dBm.

Repeaters for extended ranges of 400 km or more in real time. Latency: 50 to 75ms according to range. (Consult in dmd@dmd.es).

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Radio Module


The radio module is core and an essential part of the XLRS system.

Manufactured by Digital Micro Devices, RF specialist in our factory in Spain with selected components of better quality.

We manufacture RF modules since 1995 for the industry and since 2007 for radio control for products LRS (Long Range System), we were the first to use the term “LRS” since our RC radio control systems reached more range than any Another RC system worldwide.

Since 2014 we focus more on professional radio control systems creating the XLRS brand (Extended Long Range Systems) and new products for the professional market, increasing the range of RC systems.

The WMX5H module is the 5th generation sub 1Ghz radio system. Production started in 2014 making small improvements every year to make it more robust and reliable.

Our R&D technicians are experienced model airliners and have been flying in FPV since 2007 with more than 1200 hours of FPV flight with LRS systems and later with XLRS, which guarantees our customers that we know their needs and the product.

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