XPAD2 V3.  3rd generation.  New version 2020.


Good news!! The new version for 2020 is better, more useful and safe to transport … and after all this we have also significantly improved the price of the product!

We have updated the product orientation, before the XPAD2 had many variants and one of the main objectives was the long range of the radio system with configurations to reach up to 100km.
Multiple variants in the configuration of the purchase made it difficult to choose the most suitable product.
Two years ago this made sense, now with products such as the ground control station D4 with ranges of 200km or more, the XPAD2 although it has the same radio and power system that the previous version does not need to achieve so much, we believe there are other priorities since Most jobs do not need as much range and this makes us more competitive in the price of the product, adapting it better to your need.
Now the XPAD2 is oriented to professional work with ranges of between 15 and 30Km with the integrated antennas, where portability, rapid assembly of the equipment and have the transmitter integrated with the video monitor in an environment where the pilot must move constantly, it’s the most important factor.
Of course if you change the antennas you can reach up to 100km but it will be much better and easier to choose any other product that is more prepared for larger jobs, after all it is a portable remote controller.

We have improved the box structure of the XPAD2V3 Remote Controller, simplifying it, removing the screws from the bottom, improving the weight and more…


Now it has integrated a standard accessory to place a 7″ FPV monitor or smart phone to visualize the video of the vehicle. If necessary, the accessory can be removed only with two screws on the cover

The monitor can be assembled and disassembled very easily with plastic screws without tools, only with your hands.

With this system you only need to add the new 5.8Ghz XOSD and a autopilot compatible with the Mavlink protocol, to have a complete system for FPV. 

The minimalist design is maintained with two new 3-position switches. Integrated into the new structure without external fixing nuts.

A new box to transport the entire system, including the 7 “FPV monitor safely. The assembly of the monitor is easy and very fast.
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FPV monitor and XOSD are optional.