RXD3 is a professional receiver ultra long range up to 200Km with temetry and optional Mavlink radiomodem.

The most powerful receiver and of greater range that will provide you with distant flights EVLOS with the security of a good radio link.

Manufactured with the latest technology of 5th generation of long range DMD radios.

Compatible with XPAD3 transmitter 


Two RXD3 receivers can be connected to provide of a redundant system in the same band or in different bands. (Consult).


Note: In the XLRS_D3 system the configuration of the mixtures, button activation and encoder assignment are performed on receivers and not on transmitter (XPAD3), as usual in RC systems form amateurs.
EVLOS: Extended Visual Line Of Sight operations


Professional Radio Control and Telemetry with extraordinary range in ISM free band. Up to 200Km maximum for XLRS_D3 systems. There are different options of the same system with scaling of ranges and prices to adapt to your budget.

-116dBm maximum sensitivity.

1000mW of maximum RF power.

Mixtures in the receiver

New concep in controls, Mixtures and RC model parameters in the receiver and not in the XPAD transmitter.

Advanced MIXER: 8 mixes of 3 inputs, variables and offset.





Internal Radiomodem with internal MAVLINK protocol optional. Compatible with autopilots: APM, Pixhawk, PX4…

Serial TTL port (0 to 3,3V) configurable from 9600 to 115200b for modem.

Configurable with DMDStudio

Configuration software, upgrade and utilities for all DMD productos, used ALPHA command language of DMD.





AES encryption

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a standard method used in cryptography.

The RXD3 receiver uses AES encryption and supports keys of 16bytes or 128bits.



Servos Outputs

8 multifunction outputs for RC servos.

Servo output CH7 SPPM series for direct autopilot connection, configurable and assignable to any number of servo, joystick, encoder, switch, buttons or to any mixture. Electronic limitation servos, TRIM, SUBTRIM, REVERSE, etc.

Control of 16 servos and assignment Joysticks and RC channel EPOS output.

USB, RCBus, i2c

The USB facilitates the update of programs and the tests and direct configuration from PC to the receiver and all the devices connected in network by RCBus.

Direct connection to XOSD or to other XLRS devices by RCBus. Two RCBus interfaces compatible with ACL commands.

And i2C interface is used to connect various future devices such as OLED display for the aircraft, additional sensors, IMU, etc.


OSD for the XLRS system with 2.4Ghz video transmitter of 500mW. It is connected to the RXD receivers by RCBUS. Two video inputs for cameras. Thermostat to cool with fan.



Download the wiring diagrams


Receiver RXD2-3

Receiver RXD2-3 with XOSD

Receiver RXD2-3 with XOSD + electric motor

Receiver RXD2-3 with XOSD + Pixhawk autopilot

Complet system XLRS + XVID

These examples of connection can need variants according to the installation.

According to cases you can need a DCDC for the receiver and another DCDC for the XOSD and video cameras if are 5V.


    Features RXD3




    USB:                             500ma, @500mW

    Voltage:                        5V. Min 4,5V. Max 6Vcc. 

    RX Consumption:           70mA (No TX). 

    Average Consumption:   175mA@100kb/40Hz, 260mA@50Kb/40Hz (Only RC packets).

    Maximum Consumption: TX(500mW) @450mA, TX(1000mW) @850mA. 



    8 CH RC:                    8 multifunction outputs for RC servos.

    1 SPPM / CPPM:          12 RC channels, in CH7.

    1 Micro USB:               Update and device configuration.

    1 i2C:                         To connect future devices, Oled display, sensors or IMU.

    2 RCBus:                    Serial communication XOSD and others XLRS devices.

    1 Port “MODEM”:         MAVLINK telemetry or transparent TTL modem (can be converted to RS232).

    1 Antenna Connector:  SMA Female (866-955Mhz).



    Range:                       50Km, 100Km ó 200Km.

    MAVLINK.                   Radio modem

                AES Encryption.          128bits.



                Temperature Range:                          -20ºC to +60ºC. internal thermometer.

    Dimensions:                                      58,50 x 35,70 x 13.8mm.

    Maximum height of pins and support:  70,60 x 35,70 x 16,20mm.

    Support Holes:                                  4 holes of M2,5.

    Weight:                                            32 grams.

    Box:                                                 Plastic, fiberglass base.



    RADIO 5G 



    Maximum Range RC and Telem:     200Km LOS, with antennas RX 5dBi and TX 9dBi.

    Range recommended work:           100Km LOS. Learn more about range

    Potency:                                      100mW(+20dBm), 500mW(+27dBm) ó 1000mW (+30dBm)

    Sensitivity:                                   -108dBm, -110dBm ó -116dBm

    Dual RF Band:                              ICM 866, 868, 902, 915, 960Mhz.

    Frecuency:                                   From 866 to 955Mhz.

                Stability frecuency:                       TXCO. +-1ppm

                Selectivity, Adiacent Channel:       60dB to 12.5Khz offset. (@LNA Off)

                Blocking:                                     86dB to 10Mhz.            (@LNA Off)

    RF Filtering:                                 Digital. Video compatible 2.4 and 5.8Ghz.

    Channeling:                                 50Khz.

    Modulation:                                 50 or 100kb, configurable. AFA , FHSS.

    RSSI:                                         Digital. Calibrated +-1dBm.

    RC Packets:                                Typical: 40 per second for RC-data and 40 for telemetry (25mseg latency). Configurable 1, 10, 20, 40 packets/seg.

    FHSS:                                         Configurable. Fixed channel or FHSS (Frequency Hopping) 25mSeg.

    RF Module:                                  Radio 5G DMD (WMX5H) (Don’t confuse with 5G mobile phones).

    Upgradable / Configurable:           With DMDStudio software via Micro USB port.


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